Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Optimus.Prime or Liz or Angel or Whatever the Fucking name is for Evil and Scum

And just for your edification Miss disgusting Optimus.Prime, (since clearly your G.E.D. didn’t scholastically prepare you for such matters),
This is me telling you to fuck off - um, so no need to flatter yourself and message my friends or my mom about me stalking you. Please, give me a fucking break. If I was ever going to stalk someone, i sure wouldn’t waste my time stalking some mean, mindless disgusting little bitch who’s never failed to act like an absolute cunt, even in response to those being kind to you. Seriously, dude - you are a 22 year old girl with no warmth and a good body. Welcome to being 22. By thirty, you will not only be undesirable, but you’ll be stuck with this cold, unfriendly, boring and disgusting personality you have. We’re all sexy at 22 and we can all obsess about ourselves at the gym everyday if we wish - it’s not that huge of an accomplishment. Certainly not impressive enough to turn me into a stalker, nor to justify what an absolute stuck up freaking snob you are.
And BTW slick, I have immediate family in your state, so, I’m sorry to inform your giant fantasy-inflated ego, but me ever going to the State where evidently you live, would never have anything whatsoever to do with you. ... WOW
Get over yourself and fuck off.

Optimus is a Bad Person Which makes her very Ugly